About Me

Hi! My name is Lisa Quenan and I’m a wife, a mom to three kick-ass kids, and a semi-retired nurse. I’m starting this blog after some life events – major surgery, an empty nest, a move across the country – left me wondering what’s next and what am I doing? 

I still don’t know the answers to those questions and I might never have them but I do know I’ve had the idea of writing a blog in the back of my mind for almost nine years. It started when I volunteered with a good friend of mine to be co-president of an elementary school parent-teacher organization. We did many jobs as co-presidents and one I really looked forward to was writing what we called “blurbs” for the school newsletter. The “blurbs” were mostly informational paragraphs but we had fun with it and our “audience” of readers (suburban grade-school parents) seemed to like them. 

That volunteer job made a big impression on me because during the last nine years, I also started to see stories from my life as “blurbs” and wrote them down. I’ve kept them in my computer and in the various notebooks and binders laying around my house, but recently decided to put them into a blog to share them with you. The stories will appear in no particular order, so one post might be from 1977 and then the next one will be from the current millennium. My hope is that they can be read in any order as stand-alone stories.

One last thing about me is that I’m trying something new and learning about writing, blogging and how to set up a website as I go. It’s a slow process because I have a pretty sizeable fear of computer programming. I think it stems from the 80’s when I tried to learn Apple Basic and had to use binary code to get a computer to do what I wanted it to do (which if I remember correctly, was to make it appear that snowflakes were drifting from the top of the computer screen to the bottom). 

Anyway, welcome and I’m so glad you stopped by!

Have a great day,