About Me

Hi! Welcome to Crabwise! My name is Lisa Quenan, and I’m a wife, a semi-retired nurse, and a mom to three really cool grown-up kids. In that picture on the left, my husband and I are at Disneyworld with our grown-up kids, but to me, the happiest place on earth is anywhere I’m surrounded by my family. I married my high-school sweetheart and we became empty nesters in August of 2018. Then we moved across the country in May of 2019. As we wandered from Illinois to Texas, I wondered “what’s next?”

I’m still not exactly sure how to answer that question, but I do know I’ve had the idea of writing a blog in the back of my mind for almost nine years. That seems like a long time to think about doing something without taking action, so last August, I set aside my sizable fear of computer programming (I think it stems from the 80’s when I tried to learn Apple Basic and had to use binary code to get a computer to do what I wanted it to do, which if I remember correctly, was to make it appear that snowflakes were drifting from the top of the computer screen to the bottom), bought a domain, and started posting stories. I also like to think of my stories as “blurbs” because it reminds of the time I volunteered with a good friend of mine to be co-president of an elementary school parent-teacher organization, and we contributed to the school newsletter by writing informational paragraphs we affectionately referred to as “blurbs.”

I like to read, do puzzles, work out, work on learning Italian, and bake. I probably should have put “bake” first, because anywhere I’m eating a baked good, it’s a close second to being my happiest place.

If you found your way to Crabwise, I hope you enjoy your time here. Thanks for stopping!

Have a great day,